6 Responses to Upside down

  1. Luigi says:

    lot of google-shirts in the crowd… who told them all the car’s gonna take this route?

  2. Butch T. Cougar says:

    If you head east 1 click you can see some goof dressed up like Link from Zelda.

    By going to the end of the street and looking back at headquarters you can tell that the car came by before and the workers probably then came up with the idea to re-do it and all be out there and since they work for google it was probably pretty easy to get accomplished.

  3. William says:

    @Luigi: Well, that is the Google Headquarters, where Streetview was made… So I’m pretty sure they knew that their own car was there.

  4. anthonyd3ca says:

    LOL @ the Link guy

  5. Kiete5 says:

    They have an army of asian people working for them…

  6. adumbperson says:

    If you look at the street from Huff Avenue all the people disappear!!! That’s magic!

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