7 Responses to Skinny dipping in the fountain

  1. kaspersky says:

    It’s not real girl. It’s a statue. It could be confirmed if u go ahead a bit in street view. Any way, good post..

  2. NelsonJSDuarte says:

    This is a statue: see the image from front:

  3. steve says:

    this picture isn’t available anymore

  4. lol. google removed an image of a statue in a fountain.

  5. […] has removed an image of a sculpture in Portugal from Street View (we added it last year here). The sculpture is in a fountain. From a distance it looks like a real person. A quick google […]

  6. iulius says:

    Beautiful statue, from the distance that looks real

  7. pat says:

    You can see the sculpture its a woman. Google is funny!

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