These people in Germany are protesting Google Maps Street View due to privacy issues. Next to the article in a local newspaper there is an image of them standing outside their home. Below the image their full names can be seen.



(The newspaper article was published earlier today here.)

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4 Responses to FAIL! Germans complain about google street view in newspaper with a photo of them standing outside their home + full names published

  1. Asp says:

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not looking forward to the time that Germany is in google street view.

    Apparently, opposition to street view has been tougher in Germany than in any other country, for example articles like this and the Berlin incident, which leads me to expect Germany to be even more of a hotbed for street view lewd gestures, offensiveness etc. than Canada.

  2. Tob says:

    “Dey tuk my privacy!!!”

    People need to move out of the 20th century.

  3. Leonardo says:

    What’s in the google photos are the streets which are public. Google is not entering your house, he’s justing taking photos of public places, I guess it’s not a crime.

  4. Josette Wedderbourne says:

    “Look, there’s a blanket.”
    “Look, there’s a courgette peeler.”
    “Look, there’s a charming example of Limoges pottery.”

    I expect a lot more of that if Google Streetview starts entering people’s homes, maybe dressed oddly.

    Thank you. See you.

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