Germans no fans of google streetview

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Some germans found a google streetview car in Berlin and decided to follow it with a camera. StreetView is not yet available in Germany. Protests have been loud by the germans. Google plan to release StreetView images later this year from Germany.

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8 thoughts on “Germans no fans of google streetview”

  1. Are you sure this video was taken in Germany? Because the language they spoke in the beginning wasn’t German…

  2. This is fake… That’s not a real street view car, the people doing this are part of a prankster group.

  3. Not the germans are against google street view, some german politicians are against it. unfortunately…

  4. Im looking forward to street view, because i will be on several pictures in my city. A google car seemed to pursue me one afternoon in town and my goofs were set free 🙂

  5. This video was taken in Germany! You can see it on the street signs, it was taken in Berlin.
    And these guys who has filmed the video, aren’t Germans! They accent is British i think!

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