8 Responses to Google get stopped by the police in Poland

  1. WódkaDobraJest says:

    This is not Police…

  2. alohamora says:

    it is either construction workers or traffic police, but they weren’t stopped by police, they were telling them to go around them

  3. Construction workers? Uh, no. Traffic police? Might be.

    The google car get stopped just like the white car in front of google. One of the police guys clearly walk towards the google car and into the street in order to get the google car to park behind the white car.

  4. Ab says:

    This is not regular Police, just a kind of Municipal Police which mainly focuses on people obeying the traffic regulations in cities in Poland. The google car just entered the Nowy Swiat street in Warsaw which is closed to regular traffic – only buses and taxis can go there – that is why it got stopped 🙂

  5. ACIDIZER69 says:

    I confirm what Ab said. It is CITY GUARD, exactly like Polizia Municipale in Italy but liitle more than Traffic Wardens in UK. They also are allowed to carry light weapons, teasers now, but not in every town or city. It is Nowy Świat in Warsaw – very posh place for showing up when you buy something fancy and expensive 😉 Of course that last remark is a joke but also kind of a symbol of attitude regarding capital city and people who live there. I’m also from Poland but since this country doesn’t exist anymore in political sence and is almost completely gone as a culture ( westernized or more accurately americanized to near extinction exept rural and eastern part ) we should call it Eastern Province of Poland in Socialistic Union of Europe. Probably most of polish people will go berserk for this statement, but sad reality is that in last 20 years that country bacame a victim of 4th Partion of Poland ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd happened in years 1772–1795 ).

  6. Peter says:

    It’s not a police ! It is city guards ! ,,Straż Miejska”. It is written on the privileged car. City Guards in Warsaw is blue-silver. Police is dark blue-white. It was in the centre of Warsaw

  7. as said by others says:

    as said by others – google car entered street which is not for cars (but for public transport only)

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