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Unfortunately, the state of Rio Grande do Sul is going through its worst moment, with heavy rains and lots of flooding, which means many people have lost EVERYTHING. A catastrophe never seen before in the state, where everyone is looking for their loved ones, and in the midst of this sad scenario, people lost their lives and those who survived need help!

New York Times: Images of a Brazilian City Underwater
AP News: Southern Brazil is still reeling from massive flooding as it faces risk from new storms
BBC: Brazil floods: Hundreds of Rio Grande do Sul towns under water

Part of the region is without power, and most importantly, everywhere is flooded, where animals, families, children and elderly people are stranded and need to be helped.

Local authorities and the population help as much as they can, with donations of food, personal hygiene products, among others. Brazilian army, firefighters and Brazilian and international celebrities are supporting and helping the entire population of Rio Grande do Sul!

For the sake of good and solidarity, this post will be aimed at you, the reader who accesses Streetviewfun.

Here below, an official post from the government of the state of Rio Grande do Sul for you to make your donation. Donate any amount and help the population of Rio Grande do Sul get back on its feet. Do your part!

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