Thanks! Your Google Maps Street View sighting has been sent to us. We will take a look at it soon. If accepted, it will show up at within about 2 weeks, sometimes longer.

Most common reasons why images don’t get accepted:

  • The photo was taken by users and not Google. We usually do not accept so called Photo spheres. Those can be identified by looking at the top left corner where Google Maps Street View images have a small yellow and green icon and it says ‘Google’. Photo spheres instead have a personal icon/avatar and the name of the user that uploaded the photo.
  • The photo has been removed or censored by Google.
  • It has already been posted at by someone else.
  • It’s nsfw. Sometimes we add those images, but often not.
  • Kids. We try to avoid posting images of kids unless it’s something very funny happening.
  • Many very similar photos have already been posted. Some type of cam errors for instance.
  • We didn’t notice anything unusual, interesting or funny in the image. Maybe the wrong link was sent.

Thank you! Top contributors list can be seen here.