Google Van runs over street barricade

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Image is no longer available from this area and time (2007) unfortunately.
Before, After

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25 thoughts on “Google Van runs over street barricade”

  1. The Google van did not run over the barricade.

    Take a look at the cars parked on the street : they are not the same on both views. And the sunlight isn’t the same either.

    The pics were certainly taken separately, maybe on different days…

  2. Like, look again, my friend. The two pictures are, like, facing the like opposite directions, i.e. like one from the front-mounted camera and like one from the rear mounted camera.

    Whats like more, is they are the first ones to like do that. Like look at the stains on the like street and see that like someone hit the like barricade and then like drove away. Like I bet they were like so mad.

  3. Not taken at the same time. In the “after” view, the van is clearly just passing by on Shattuck from North to South.

  4. The car didn’t blast through it, these are at two different times of the day.. you can tell by looking at the big shadow of the tele-line going over the puddle.. it is considerably farther towards the “Stop” area in the first picture

  5. The barricades were hand-placed off to the side. If the car had run them over then they would be in the middle of the street.

  6. ROFL. Who cares if it actually happened, It’s still hilarious looking at them. Stop trying to act “smart” on the internet, no one gives a shit, this is obviously about humor.

  7. Barricade ?? What barricade? Our janitor puts out those things when there’s a coffee spill in the aisle…

  8. I love how everyone went all CSI on this. The APPEARANCE that the google street view van ran over the barricade is what’s funny. Get a life, dudes!

  9. Wow, you people are god damned GENIUSES! How ever did you figure out the truth to this nefarious deception? Clever and cleverer you guys are!

  10. Hey,don’t be so critical – I bet they all feel really good,helping others to see the truth…and they probably have no sense of humor,so…

  11. You missed what’s *really* funny – apparenly someone hit that log-looking object in the middle, and you can see where either their radiator or transmission fluid sprayed out.

  12. @KK:
    It seems _you_ are trying to be smart, to make something funny which totally isn’t (and is fake). A smile every hour is healthy, but there has to be something funny.
    @Latex Santa:
    It seems to me that you’re the one who has no humor… Or do just laugh about anything fake, as long as the caption is ‘smart’?

  13. Seriously? You think its the ame view? Have a look at the ‘STOP’ sign painted on the ground. Its a view from the other side of the barricade…

  14. i dont think they have been taken on separate days because the shadow of the wires are in the same place

  15. These pictures were taken at 2 different times. On the top picture, the shadow of one of the other wires is a pretty good distance from the pc. On the bottom picture, that same wire shadow is right by the pc.

    The google vehicle on the bottom picture could have been on the other road.


  16. Well something went through that with a car because that is exactly how the signs would land. if you were going to move them you would stack them near each other. Got em…

  17. I admit I only read the first couple of comments but just from looking at the pictures, the first one looks like it was taken around, 7:30am. Notice how the light seems fresh? In the second picture the light is very bright and sharp, meaning it’s high in the sky, which would probably mean that it would be around 2-2:30pm. Not to mention the signs are in different spots. Altogether this pic is a fail. Keep trying though

  18. The first camera is looking forwards and the second one is facing backwards!

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