Google runs a red light

Google crew, car etc Guilty? · 19 comments

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Keep going north to see google run the light

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19 thoughts on “Google runs a red light”

  1. Funny to think it’s true… But the cameras don’t capture when there is no motion…

  2. Yeah, well, if you look at the car behind and follow that car, it is actually speeding (or going faster than the Google mobile) and there was no sign of him slowing down. If the Google driver stopped then the car behind could have just rear-ended the Google mobile. I would say it was a better choice to run this light. No excuse for the car behind.

  3. Also if you look at the signal at right that tells if pedestrians should cross or not, it has a red hand. Meaning it was green when google van moved.

  4. There are several ways to tell that they did indeed run the red light if you take the time and investigate, the most conclusive being: they stay the same distance from the cars ahead of them.

  5. What about at the intersection of Broadway and West 131st St, NYC, heading north? The light is clearly red for Broadway, and green for W131st, all the way through.

  6. Those of you saying he did not run the redlight, he infact did. The reason why its green when he is under it is because it was a different time of day. if you notice the scenary suddenly turns from dark to light plus none of the cars on the road are the same. but if you go foward one more time the scenary changes back. he was probably turning off from one of the side roads on the time it was green. its actually pretty simple to fiqure out if you look closely

  7. Those of you who are pointing out the light being green when the van is underneath it… did you not notice that is the only picture in the sequence taken at a different time of day than the others?

  8. that is not true, move till being under the light. then slide the image to see towards the lights. THEY ARE GREEN !!!.

  9. They did run it when it was red. Move beyond the red light while looking backwards. The image will change for one moment, ignore it, that’s a different time (it’s the car coming in from the side street). If you’re looking backwards, the streetview car and the car behind it keep going, but the third car stops at the red light. They may have run the light, but with the speed the pickup going behind it is going going through was better than getting rear-ended by slamming on the breaks.

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