Tour the new I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

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Well, not everyone has seen this street view.
This one is on the new I-35W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota! The bridge collapsed last year.

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7 thoughts on “Tour the new I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota!”

  1. This is the old bridge. only about a month before it went down i think. if you go to university which is the street at one end you can see what the area looked like a couple weeks after the collapse.

  2. No they were in Minneapolis the same week it collapsed, cause if you go on University Ave. it’s blocked off and there are news trucks and people everywhere. They went through University Ave. probably the day after it collapsed, maybe two days after. I should know, I lived there when it happened.

  3. This is the OLD bridge. How can you tell?

    1) The new bridge didn’t open until the surface work was complete. This has lanes closed for the resurfacing that was being done at the time of the collapse.

    2) There are no sculptures at each end of the bridge, as there are on the new bridge.

    3) The road surface that is being travelled on is definetly years old, not weeks.

    I am hoping that Google comes back and finishes the Twin CIties. They seem to have stopped mapping our fine cities.


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