Look southeast from this intersection at the tall building covered in a transformers ad. Head south and it becomes under construction. If you head east from the original location it transforms into done.

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Update: Images appear to have been updated by google now, but you can see the original images below.



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9 Responses to Transforming Building

  1. will says:

    thats weird. even the road becomes super crappy

  2. Amanda Kruel says:

    I wonder if that was part of a marketing campaign… works almost TOO perfectly to be coincidence.

  3. Amanda Kruel says:

    OK – Turns out the guy who posted this actually works for Street View. That might be our answer!

    Either way, it’s great work!

  4. Danuab says:

    A friend of mine noticed a similar occurrence on a construct site near where he lives.

  5. Weee says:

    If you go east, then look up in the sky (to the right of Borders) What’s that?

  6. harryyyy says:

    i just found bird poop! look at the crosswalk next to borders when you see the guy with no shirt look up and there is bird poop

  7. Iverson says:

    Weee…that thing to the right of Borders is bird crap on the windshield. someone should submit that 🙂

  8. Donovan says:

    Bird POOPYYY

  9. Donovan says:

    I saw the bird that pooped fly to the top of the transforming building thingy whatever!

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