3 Responses to Bats everywhere

  1. Cyc says:

    Its just dark colored leaves.
    Bats dont sunbathe lol.

  2. Graca Maria says:

    Hi Cyc

    There are over 1000 species of bats. I saw several trees in Brazil, Switzerland and Australia during the day.

    Fruit bats are nocturnal, and hang from their feet in the trees during the day. They may hang with their wings wrapped around their bodies, or, if it is hot, may use their wings to fan themselves.

    See this video


    Graca Maria

  3. Cyc says:

    You might be right, however, try this experiment first. This is how i came up with leaves. Go down the road 1 click, turn around and look at the same tree. Youll see a blue street sign with a white arrow on it. Zoom in here. You can see leaves that have died, 3 leaves to each set, hanging upside down. The other trees on the road show the same thing.
    But you never know. Animals do like camouflage, and a tree like that would make them blend in. Im rooting for the bats. 🙂

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