5 Responses to Expensive House

  1. John Garrison says:

    250k would be overpriced in my market! Yeesh!

  2. Evan says:

    Actually it says $750k

    Evan :->

  3. Britt says:

    Very typical in the Pacific Northwest & BC. Won’t get a decent house for under 500,000 in the Vancouver area

  4. Mr_Precip says:

    Ha! That house has been for sale for years. Maybe it smells funny.

  5. Bjorn says:

    Yes, it is the location, for one thing houses are really expensive in the city proper as it is, for example, a shithole on the southside goes for at least 200k. But also it’s in Fremont, which is a really cool and vibrant neighborhood. Some time ago, a bunch of people from the bay area moved up to Seattle, because they couldn’t afford their houses anymore, so they moved up to Seattle, and with all the money they got from selling their old houses, were able to buy some nice houses in North Seattle, thus driving up the price. Also, Seattle in general has become a more popular place to live so housing prices have increased quite a bit across the board.

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