6 Responses to Traffic cone hat

  1. NA says:

    That statue in Glasgow has always has always had that traffic cone on its head.For us Glaswegians it is nothing out of the ordinary.

  2. Varlb001 says:

    You can see this in britains got talent

  3. DRerAGO says:


  4. benny says:

    always hat this cone on its head? for any reason? people generally dont like the statue?

  5. AD says:

    It’s tradition. Nothing against the statue, it’s just always been there & if it ever gets removed someone puts it back up within a day or two

  6. Iain Lewis says:

    I always feel like something isn’t right if the duke isn’t wearing his hat (cone). I don’t know why it gets done, I don’t know who by, but it’s just always been that way…

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