Berlin: Fence and Gate of former US embassy disappearing

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In the first picture the road looks quite normal to me.

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One step ahead, the whole road is a security area:

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You may ask: Why was the whole road blocked like this?
The building on the left side was the former US embassy until 2008. The security measures were removed as soon as the embassy had completely moved to the Pariser Platz building in May 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Berlin: Fence and Gate of former US embassy disappearing”

  1. Did the google car drive in Berlin in 2008 ? I thought Street View only started to photograph Germany in 2010.

  2. Yes, the first Google cars in Germany have been seen in july 2008. Through privacy doubts and resistance, the start was delayed for over two years.
    The newest shots are from february 2010.

  3. @AAjus: Google already took the photos in 2008-2009. Only a few are from 2010. My street in Bonn was photographed in Fall 2009.

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