Pretty girl in bikini

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3 thoughts on “Pretty girl in bikini”

  1. I’m having trouble viewing ALL these street “view” images, I’m using my Android g1, mobile phone to look at it tho, is that why I can’t see it? I click on the page, and I see the “zoom’d out” Satelite pict, but I can’t, or, don’t know how to zoom in on the street view image. …..does this only work on a regular computer, not made for my Android G1, or what? Someone please help me, cause I would like to see these “funny street view images.

  2. John, do you have the StreetView app? Search in the Android market. I believe you need to download it in order to view streetview images. I have an android phone (HTC) and I can see all the streetview images on this site.

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