3 Responses to Pretty girl in bikini

  1. Abroz says:

    Please Mister Google, don’t blur her.

  2. JohnGW says:

    I’m having trouble viewing ALL these street “view” images, I’m using my Android g1, mobile phone to look at it tho, is that why I can’t see it? I click on the page, and I see the “zoom’d out” Satelite pict, but I can’t, or, don’t know how to zoom in on the street view image. …..does this only work on a regular computer, not made for my Android G1, or what? Someone please help me, cause I would like to see these “funny street view images.

  3. Street View says:

    John, do you have the StreetView app? Search in the Android market. I believe you need to download it in order to view streetview images. I have an android phone (HTC) and I can see all the streetview images on this site.

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