Feather Suit Man

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2 thoughts on “Feather Suit Man”

  1. Sampsonia Way is a really good place to find weird things in Street View.

    Things I have found:

    -bird man (in several places)
    -marching band (Google´s car passes through the band 🙂
    -graffiti house
    -parade crowd
    -garage band
    -jogging people
    -bottle man (ham?) near Doug´s Market
    -giant chicken on the corner
    -samurais fighting (I believe it´s a samurai against Harry Potter 🙂

    What I still have to find:
    -mad scientist
    -truck with furniture
    -narrow escape
    -fireman with puppy

  2. Considering the directions of the shadows and the type of clouds, I can surely say that those photos were taken on May 3rd 2008.

    Considerando a direção das sombras e o tipo de nuvens no céu, posso afirmar com certeza que essas fotos foram tiradas em 3 de Maio de 2008.

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