Google car visits a McDonald’s

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A Detroit area McDonald’s gets visited by the Google car. This particular one is in Southgate at Northline Road and I-75. Click forward and you get teleported into the parking lot of this McDonald’s. Click forward again and you are still in the lot. Click forward a third time and you end up at Northline and Reeck. Both parking lot views are placed incorrectly on Northline!

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2 thoughts on “Google car visits a McDonald’s”

  1. Update: this image has recently been replaced with an HD image (correctly taken ON Northline) taken in July of this year, strangely enough, if you click “view larger map”, the old image hasn’t been deleted!

  2. It’s funny when they went into gas stations and you could drive down the pump line or they go to toll booths and you can see the area.

    I miss it before Google went public with share holders as they were better when they were a private company instead of going public/commercial.

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