This is how I roll

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4 thoughts on “This is how I roll”

  1. I have a picture similar to this. I was at a Party for my friends 50th in Acworth in 2009 April 8. He came down to florida to visit and we wound up on Google maps and looked at his house about a year later and we saw 4 figures in his driveway. After looking at it for a while I noticed the date and said check this out and I pulled up the same picture of 4 people siting in the driveway on the same day.
    An checked the shadows and they were almost the same. That was cool.

  2. Well the situation is either that the coincidence is huge that the birdseye photo and the streetview photo was taken on the same day, or the person must have the streched limo as his regular car (99,9 percent are rentals)

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