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6 year old Martin from France goes around the world in this truck named NAM.

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Info about this french environmental childrens project from it’s website:

MARTIN is 6 years old, and he is told that the planet is sick all day long. With his new friend NAM, he travels around the world meeting people that have sustainable solutions to help protect his future. Through his feelings, he will show us the beauty of the world. Through his trip, we will discover a global vision of the situation on Earth. Through his meetings with the actors of sustainable development, he will feed us with hope.

You can watch the first episode from Iceland here:

MARTIN GOES “ROUND THE WORLD” : ICELAND English version from Fred Cebron on Vimeo.

It doesn’t exactly look like a vehicle that would be friendly to the environment? A project description says “The environmental impact of the trip has been assessed and will be reduced thanks to a way to proceed and new technologies. Certified carbon offset projects will be financed in order to offset the remaining impact of the adventure.”

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