East Jerusalem Separation Wall Graffiti, Ras al-Amud

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The hands that build can also tear down.


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1 thought on “East Jerusalem Separation Wall Graffiti, Ras al-Amud”

  1. At this spot the wall obliterates what used to be the main road linking Arab East Jerusalem with the Arab-Palestinian town of Bethany (al-Azarieh). I have a friend who lives about 50 meters on the other side, and from this point it would take me at least an hour to get to her house, by bus. I didn’t have to deal with it very often, but thousands of Palestinians do, to reach jobs, school, relatives, and medical services, etc. — every day.

    What is seen here is the Jerusalem (Israeli-controlled) side of the Wall, which remains relatively clean. However, the graffiti and artwork on the Palestinian side is a world unto itself, some of it very clever and all of it, like this, quite pointed. The thing is, Street View — even now, in 2015 — doesn’t seem to have made it into any of the Palestinian areas, even the largest cities. (To see the other side of The Wall, try a Google Image search for “separation wall art palestine” and see what you get!)

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