Armed vehicles in Spain

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8 thoughts on “Armed vehicles in Spain”

  1. I’m also going through the same situation as your Ted. Strange this situation!

  2. I also have someone submitting posts under my name. They also keep changing my password and I have to keep resetting it to log in.

  3. One more problem that I pass here on the site. Again and again, I lose access to the account and need to reset the password to regain access. Not if it’s just happen to me, but logging into the site doesn’t allow it to be performed on more than one device. I don’t know if it’s a security issue applied to the account, but I find it pretty limited. About the posts, I saw that two posts (“Interesting Car Lines” and “Oh no”) were published and I don’t remember posting them since all my posts have the tags and categories.

    By the way, I noticed that some of my posts from here are taking time to be scheduled, and there are some with more than a month waiting to be approved!!

  4. I’m looking into the login issues and have made some changes.

    As for scheduled posts. We received a ton of posts in May so it is taking some time to get to all of them. We should be back to normal within a few weeks. The plan is to post at least 2 per day for the rest of the year.

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