Google Street View catches attempted robbery LIVE in the city of Londrina

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A man on a motorcycle tried to steal the purse of an elderly woman who was at the scene and, coincidentally, the Google Street View car was passing by at the exact moment of the assault.

The case took place on March 16, 2023, at Cinco Conjuntos, in the North Zone of Londrina. In the following sequence of images, you will notice that the assailant takes off riding his motorcycle and flees the scene on a nearby detour.


Already here, the same old woman who was robbed appears in front of this condominium, being supported by another woman.


Image goes viral and becomes regional repercussions

Several users shared the images of the theft on social networks. Then, some television stations in Londrina and the state of Paraná reported the record of the robbery made by Google.

Tarobá Urgente TV Tarobá Londrina (presented by Cid Ribeiro):

Balanço Geral Curitiba RICtv Curitiba (presented by Jadison Goulart):

In an interview with the regional news site 24H News, lieutenant Emerson Castro gives more information about the incident recorded by Google (adapted and translated). Link to more information.

“[…] the Google vehicle captured the suspect’s photos at the exact moment he was passing by, which may make it easier to capture. The images will be used in the investigation of the case.

[…] another woman, 57, was also a victim of robbery on the same day and place. A man, mounted on a motorcycle with similar characteristics to the previous suspect, took her purse and cellphone, as well as wounding her with a knife in the chest. After the crime, the suspect fled the scene.

The victim received care from Siate and Samu and was referred to the hospital due to bleeding caused by the injury. […] (adapted excerpt) I highlight the importance of the collaboration of the population through anonymous reports to help locate the suspect.

Note: until the update of this post, the local Military Police is looking for the criminal photographed by Google and any update on this case involving the burglar will be posted here on STREETVIEWFUN!

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4 thoughts on “Google Street View catches attempted robbery LIVE in the city of Londrina”

  1. I wonder if the guy wasn’t intimidated by Google’s presence, even committing the robbery!

  2. I only know the exact date because of the interview with the witness who supported her after this incident, and she gave an interview to TV TAROBÁ in Londrina about what happened, as shown in the first video above (use the English subtitles). And a detail that was said in the report is that on the same day, hours before the image of the 2nd robbery was recorded by Google Maps in the location, in the morning, another woman was robbed in the same region, and the fact of the date is only confirmed because the The victim saw the images months after the incident. So far, there is still no information from the local police or the Londrina news regarding the identification of the criminal.

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