Spider VW Bug

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8 thoughts on “Spider VW Bug”

  1. I would love to take credit for this…It’s pretty cool…But this post isn’t mine.

  2. Hahaha, I liked this image, but too bad this is ONE of the other problems, such as the delay in approving the posts. I also went through this ‘bug’ here on the site, right at the beginning, but today I no longer go through this situation.

    In fact, the site has recognized the problem and that it can be solved (if it is your case) by activating two-factor authentication. More information here: https://www.streetviewfun.com/2023/login-changed/

  3. One user was sending in images with the old form and entering other peoples names. Not sure why. It should be solved for upcoming images scheduled two weeks from now.

    We will add more images and faster starting in August again at the latest.

  4. I am not complaining. I just wanted whoever posted this to get credit. I am happy to take credit.

    I also want to thank streetviewfun for having, and running this site. I enjoy it. I am sure it is a side-gig for whoever is doing it. You are probably flooded with numerous posts daily, and could (and probably do) spend hours going through all the submissions.

  5. I also like Streetviewfun and wanted like it was old days, posting 5 or more daily posts non-stop. I wanted it to go back to posting on YouTube, the Top 5 of each country for 2023 onwards, it’s really cool 🙂

    I was thinking of a rather interesting idea, which would be to create a ‘community’ here on the site, where contributors can discuss ideas, search for Google images without address, coordinates or something similar, etc.

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