TOP 5: Best of Street View in Curitiba – PR

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In celebration of the 331st anniversary of the capital of Paraná, Curitiba. I’m making a compilation of the best Google images taken in the city!

#1: Not a fan of Google

#2: Meanwhile in Curitiba

#3: Dabbing in Curitiba

#4: Curitiba at night 🌆

#5: Peace sign for Google car

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2 thoughts on “TOP 5: Best of Street View in Curitiba – PR”

  1. I made this TOP 5 just to highlight the best that the city of Curitiba has to offer, which, incidentally, celebrated its 331st birthday on March 31st of this year. Nothing more fair than paying homage to this beautiful city, which is considered ‘the most intelligent’ in Brazil 😉

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