Condominium streets are named after characters from the Mexican series El Chavo de Ocho (Chaves in Brazil)

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There are several names on this street, with the names of the main characters in the series, which in Brazil is very prestigious and known only as Chaves.

Names like Quico, Senhor Barriga, Dona Florinda, Professor Girafales, etc., are found in this place.

El Chavo de Ocho was a Mexican series produced during the 70s until the 90s by Televisa and which in Brazil and around the world was a worldwide success. Its creator was Roberto Goméz Bolaños, known as Chespirito, who gave life to the main character, Chaves, as well as others, such as Chapolin Colorado.


Google Earth images show flooding in Rio Grande do Sul

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Recently, Google released satellite images taken in Porto Alegre and Canoas, both in Rio Grande do Sul, which show the chaos after the rain, resulting in flooding, which left many homeless, in addition to obviously losing their belongings and some of these people missing.

The visualization is only available for Google Earth Pro (disable 3D before viewing). Therefore, I leave some coordinates for you to view.

1 – Beira Rio Stadium

30°03’54.53″S 51°14’06.36″W

2 – Firefighters, police and army tents to shelter victims rescued from the flood. There were also tents here where journalists followed the rescues.

30°02’10.22″S 51°14’27.85″W

3 – ‘Cidade Baixa’ region, Porto Alegre flooded

30°02’43.10″S 51°13’26.52″W

4 – Neighborhood of the city of Canoas, near Porto Alegre completely flooded

29°57’33.72″S 51°11’16.12″W

5 – Pavão Island and archipelago flooded, and part of the bridge connecting these islands is also partially flooded.

29°59’38.50″S 51°13’6.85″W

Although the population of Rio Grande do Sul is returning to its normal routine, many still need help to restart their lives. Do your part!