Images from this area has been updated, but we have screencaps:

and i think they just missed the money shot…lol

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Update: new image found!


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10 Responses to Google gets flashed!

  1. Hatebreed Fan says:

    68 votes in a day…i think thats a record….lol

  2. ncoram says:

    Wow! 397 voted Awesome! I think that’s a record!

  3. JerichoMAX says:

    Wow this is from the town I live in, on top of that I think I’ve seen those two around.

  4. former governor j. florio says:

    how come i cant see it?

  5. anonymous says:

    I can see it! I wonder what else Google captured?

  6. me says:

    my god it’s a so crazy girl

  7. GOOGLER says:

    I’ve seen those PAIR before …

    Yes, both of them …

  8. streetviewer says:

    The girls are gone – you can see them if you drive down the May Road up until the two kids then turn around and drive back – but no more flashing stuff.

  9. googler says:

    yeah.. the image is gone

  10. Googler, too says:

    I think the guy who wrote the comment before has just seen it on german tv like me 😀
    And i can’t see the picture anymore, too.
    But i’ve seen the screens and i hope the google street view car will visit us soon in germany 😀

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