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It has become tradition here at to post 4 images per day in May. This year is no different. We plan to post 4 new google maps street view images per day this month. So far, we have about one third of the images needed.

Please send us links to google maps images you find. Thanks to everyone contributing!

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6 thoughts on “May the 4th be with you”

  1. Will this year have cool changes and news for Streetviewfun? For example: reactions to Images posted here (similar to Facebook), more posts of Google Maps images on social networks, videos for YouTube, two posts a day in the year, and many other things that can be applied in Streetviewfun.

  2. By the way, I was thinking of a very interesting idea.

    This idea would go something like this: if a visitor or contributor to Streetviewfun wants a Google image with a certain event (that is not posted on Streetviewfun), such as Google’s encounter with a spray truck (Both of which have a rare chance of being seen on the streets), contributors here on the site can search the Internet and Google Maps, some image related to this. Once found, the contributor can make a post of it here on the site.

    Not if my idea can be considered bad or good, but at least for me, it’s a great one

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Bruno. We hope to be able to do some of what you mentioned in your first post. Your second message I don’t think I understood unfortunately.

  4. Thank you:

    You can dismiss my second message. Another suggestion that can be quite interesting is to apply the “dark mode” here on the site.

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