Police chasing Google van

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Images from the Google Streetview reveals that the police stopped the Google van. Click on the link to the first image, then zoom out and move north to see the action.


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10 thoughts on “Police chasing Google van”

  1. Yes it does. Obviously the cop pulled the van over. Camera stops because the van isn’t moving anymore. Then after the cop does his thing he gets back in his car. The van continues. That so hard to understand?

  2. No; I can see the lights on the cop car are on; and they pull over to the side of the street with the van.

  3. youareanidiot, YOU are the idiot. Did you not see the police car and the camera car pull over to the side of the road? And you can clearly see the red and blue lights on the top of the police car.

  4. The original article was posted on June 17, 2007…but the first photo in the article is stamped (at the bottom right) as “2008 Google”. Looks like Google went back along this street and took new photo data. I cannot find any photos along this street where the cops pulled over the GoogVan.

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