Tutorial: How to send us a Google Maps Street View sighting

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Since it has been requested recently, we have written this quick tutorial. If you want us to create a video about this, or if you have any specific questions about the topic, please let us know in the comments.

Option 1

Submit your sighting here

Option 2

Send the link to our email info@streetviewfun.com

Option 3

If you wish to get listed in our Top 100 Contributors list you need to…

  1. Join us
  2. Login with your username to submit your sighting.
  3. Under Posts – Click on Add new
  4. Enter a title for your post
  5. Go to Google Maps: Get the “Link” to the image. Select the link webaddress (url) and copy it (ctrl c).
  6. Back at StreetViewFun.com: Paste it (ctrl v) below the Title.
  7. Push the blue button to post it so we can review it.

We’ll take a look at your post, add code so it displays the image and then publish it. Thank you!

Become a streetviewfan

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Our Patreon is now open for more sensitive and controversial images that we can’t post here. We also post some exclusive fun and odd stuff from Google Maps Street View. New images are added daily. As a streetviewfan member you also get access to the full archive with hundreds of images. This is available at only $1 per month. There is also some free content, so go take a look!