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Now you can vote for the images by thumbs up or thumbs down. We used to have a rating system from 1 to 5 stars. I hope that it will be easier to vote on images this way, so we’ll get more votes.

You vote by clicking one of the thumbs under the image. If you give a thumbs up to an image, it gets +2 and if you give a thumbs down, it gets -1. The total rating can be seen under the image.

We’re working on migrating the ratings for the old images to this new system. The ratings for the brand new images should be working as intended already.

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2 thoughts on “Thumbs up and thumbs down instead of rating 1-5”

  1. i actually like the star ratings better…..basically because we still dont have enough people on this site that vote and at this rate none of these new finds will ever reach the top 100

  2. The thing is that people tend to rate more if there are only a choice between up and down and not 5 choices. But I see your point about the new finds not reaching top 100. I’ll try to convert the old numbers to the new system to solve this.

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