What are you looking at old man?

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Old bald man with rubber neck watching young girls from behind.


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10 thoughts on “What are you looking at old man?”

  1. laaaaame

    How do I know you didn’t fake this if you’re too scared to post the link to it? Grow a pair dude.

  2. lol. It’s a real image from Google streetview. I think it’s such a good image that we’d like to keep it for ourselves here on streetviewfun.com for another couple of days. Nobody else seems to have found it yet. Obviously someone will eventually find it and we’ll post the link within a few days, so you’ll get your proof soon enough… 🙂

  3. Hey there people call me old fashend but wat ever happend to the days of being able to pay a compliment to a woman who takes pride in the way she looks.
    Ladys please please beleve me there is no harm done in paying a simple compliment with out get some sort of sexual harassment charge is there?.
    So next time a guy looks at you or some one your with you please stop and think: hey that guy may just be stunned by a beutifull woman. We don’t meen any harm so don’t take offence because woman do it too!!!…….

  4. It’s not very interesting at all; he’s probably not even looking at them, and if he is, so what? There are plenty of much better findings.

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