Collapsed man on removed image furious

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A couple of days ago someone posted an image of an australian man collapsed on the pavement. Today british newspaper Daily Mail writes that he is furious and was grieving – a friend had died.

Grieving man furious after Google’s StreetView shows him collapsed on pavement

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2 thoughts on “Collapsed man on removed image furious”

  1. So what if his friend died? Who’s fault was it that he got wasted in the first place? Him! And it’s not a privacy issue because everyone driving by saw this lush.

  2. Right for the wrong reasons. A grown man has every right to “get wasted”, yes. Was he on public or private property? I’m sure that’s the only thing that will matter. He is just lucky it was posted by Google and not some anonymous teenage punk — he’d really have no case then. He’d be outraged about full video of it being posted on youtube, not a drive by grainy snapshot.

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