The Last Samurais

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10 thoughts on “The Last Samurais”

  1. I doubt it’s something quite like Dungeons & Dragons….You ever see the movie Role Models which stars Paul Rudd (Josh from Clueless & Andy from Wet Hot American Summer), Seann William Scott (AKA Stifler from American Pie), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (AKA McLovin’ from Superbad) & Bobb’e J. Thompson (young black kid). where Christopher Mintz-Plasse (AKA: McLovin, AKA: Augie) is really involved in this LAIRE (Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers) Thing where he dresses up all the time like a Medieval warrior or something & goes to a Soccer field at some park & they have play fights with these medieval weapons made out of some combination of Plastic, Duct Tape, maybe some plywood, soft foam, etc… & uh, yeah…but the best scene in the movie Role Models, BY FAR, is when Seann William Scott (Stiffler from American Pie) as “Wheeler” in this movie, is explaining to the little black kid, Ronnie about the band Kiss….
    Ronnie: I didn’t know Jews could sing this Good…
    Wheeler: No, They Couldn’t at the time, that’s why they had to dress like Clowns!!

  2. its kinda like mark says but not exactly, this is Dagorhir Unlike in the movie we have no magic and most (i say most) of us are not scrawny little nerds. more can be found on dagorhir’s website…

  3. If you go further down Federal Street you can see who wins, but I wont tell 😉

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