List of upcoming google streetview countries and cities

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Which upcoming region are you most interested in?

Austria – All major cities
Belgium – All places
Canada – All major cities
Czech Republic – Prague
Denmark – Copenhagen, Odense and Århus
Finland – All major cities
France – All places
Germany – All places
Greece – Athens
Hong Kong – All places
Ireland – All major cities
Italy – All places
Japan – All places
Mexico – All major cities
Netherlands – All places
Norway – Oslo, Bergen
Poland – Warsaw, Krakow
Portugal – All major cities
Romania – Bucharest
Singapore – All places
Spain – All places
Sweden – Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö (car seen in Helsingborg and Västerås too)
Switzerland – All major cities
Taiwan – Taipei
United Kingdom – All places
United States – Hawaii

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56 thoughts on “List of upcoming google streetview countries and cities”

  1. ”Spain – All Places”, does that include the Canary Islands as well? I’d like to see Gran Canaria in Street View. And if, when will it be available?

  2. Why can’t they cover at least all major cities in Sweden, or just some in the north, Göteborg, Stockholm and Malmö is in the south…

  3. Christer, Google never announce dates when they will release new StreetView images. We can only rely on info from when Google say they are currently taking photos in an area or when people spot the cameras in an area. Google might come to more cities than listed here, but this is what will happen next. Google have recently announced that they are currently taking photos in those three swedish cities.

  4. These are places that the google car has been seen taking photos, so some countrys could be a mistake.

  5. Broughton, Northamptonshire, UK
    why? because these people refused to be streetviewed!

  6. Je suis Québécoise.J’ai hâte que le service soit disponible au Canada.J’espère qu’ils vont faire aussi les banlieues des grandes villes!J’adore street view!

  7. France : all places

    y’aura-t-il la Guadeloupe, la Martinique, la Réunion, la Guyane voir même Wallis-et-Futuna ?! ^^

  8. I saw the Google Streetview Car yesterday in Västerås, Sweden, took a photo of it from my car, I was behind it from the hospital down on the freeway (E18) and until it turned off again north on road 67.

  9. I saw the google van in Athens, Greece today!… though it had just started raining and had the camera covered.

  10. It makes it easy to give directions when I can show someone what a turnoff looks like. Montreal area direction signs are sometimes ambiguous, a nearby building description or the name of a business is sometimes more explicit, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

  11. Germany and Austria!!! 🙂 yay!
    Also I saw the streetview car on I-80 in Salt Lake City recently… maybe retaking some photos somewhere?

  12. Any news/rumours on when some of these updates are actually going to happen? I’ve been reading about Germany coming online in “spring ’09” for months now. We’re in June already!

  13. Estonia would be a prefect candidate as it’s quite small. Tallinn and Tartu for example.

  14. ofcourse Estonia would be very nice candidate. It’s small country. Only 80km to south from Helsinki 🙂
    Capital Tallinn is European Culture city in 2011.

  15. Estonia. Tallinn.
    If you ask why, then put Tallinn in Google picture search and look pictures what you get.

  16. Dubai, UAE streets and indoors in shopping centres, note especially the parklng-garages

  17. i like the way google carried the whole view covering entire city. please add one cab on street view so viewer can ride through city road with virtual cab in street view and enjoy real life exprience of thart city, those like me who can not afford to spent for world travelling

    thanks google
    keep it uppppppppppp………….

    amish desai.

  18. Hawaii – all places; Finland – Helsinki and Turku; Estonia, Tallinn, Pärnu and Tartu

  19. Estonia plz!
    Very good, if they’re already here 😀

    I only have seen them on TV…

  20. iran! there is surprisingly so much cool architecture and sights in cities like tehran, esfehan etc!

  21. all of austria, just like they have already covered most of britain’s streets, I so want Austria included in it so I can tour Austria anytime without being there since I miss it so much, I live in Canada and most of my relatives live in Austria!!!

  22. You’ve got to do the tiny but paradise Island of Mauritius, pretty please

  23. You all know this article was published before many other countries besides the ones listed appeared, right?

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