Which upcoming region are you most interested in?

Austria – All major cities
Belgium – All places
Canada – All major cities
Czech Republic – Prague
Denmark – Copenhagen, Odense and Århus
Finland – All major cities
France – All places
Germany – All places
Greece – Athens
Hong Kong – All places
Ireland – All major cities
Italy – All places
Japan – All places
Mexico – All major cities
Netherlands – All places
Norway – Oslo, Bergen
Poland – Warsaw, Krakow
Portugal – All major cities
Romania – Bucharest
Singapore – All places
Spain – All places
Sweden – Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö (car seen in Helsingborg and Västerås too)
Switzerland – All major cities
Taiwan – Taipei
United Kingdom – All places
United States – Hawaii

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56 Responses to List of upcoming google streetview countries and cities

  1. Hambo Moni says:

    You’ve got to do the tiny but paradise Island of Mauritius, pretty please

  2. Sudatshan kumar says:

    Pleas street viue criat for cricket dtadium

  3. yasin ahmed says:

    Why India is not listed ?

  4. Godhard Onsomu says:

    why kenya not listed?

  5. aswinkkundamkuzhy says:

    why india not listed

  6. evking22 says:

    You all know this article was published before many other countries besides the ones listed appeared, right?

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