5 Responses to Michael Jackson Thriller video locations

  1. Marty says:

    The location you have for the movie theatre is incorrect. The actual theatre is the “Palace” theatre, located at 630 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. See here for details: http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2008/10/22/darkness-fall-across-the-land-the-midnight-hour-is-close-at-hand/

  2. Randy Hecht says:

    The zombie dance scene was filmed near the 3600 block of Union Pacific Ave in East L.A. near intersection of Calzona. There is a noticeable brick wall landmark there which matches the likeness as shown in the video. I visited there 6/28/09 where someone put a Michael Jackson farewell poster/shrine on that wall

  3. Robert says:

    The address where the Thriller video dance scene was shot is 3701 E. Union Pacific, Los Angeles, CA. If you watch the video you will see the painted Davis Colors sign on the brick wall.

  4. Thriller Videos are always great, i love those dancing zombies.

  5. rc.morales says:

    The City that the dance scene is Boyle heights not East Los Angeles. The city of Boyle Heights is a suburban area of Los Angeles.

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