Playing Kubb – a popular swedish game

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Looks like he is on the winning team. You can see the stick he just threw heading for the opponents last kubb standing.

Playing kubb
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His team has got all the kubbs still standing on a line behind him. Usually you throw from behind that line at the opponents line of kubbs. But when you hit a kubb the other team has to throw the kubb somewhere between the king (you can see the king just below the stick he is throwing) and the line of kubbs. And then they have to hit that kubb. If they fail it’s your turn and you can throw the stick from where that kubb is. That’s why he is standing closer to the target and not behind the line of kubbs. If he hit the kubb he also needs to then hit the king while standing behind the line of kubbs. Then he wins. Did you understand any of this…? lol

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