Psychopath stalking the Google car

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A kidnapper and psychopath is following the GOOGLE CAR ! This is Philipp Garrido’s house and van:

View lager map (thanks sou)

But if you go along the street (move left from this image), Garrido go off from his house with his van, and follow the google car…

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1 thought on “Psychopath stalking the Google car”

  1. I saw this the day it all came down. I used to live near here and wanted to see if I recognized the street- only to my horror find this psychopath is following the google car! I sent this off to a local news station- Guess it wasn’t news worthy- I blown away to see it here! I somehow stumbled upon this site while looking for a street view map( other than google )of a house my friend bought.
    I don’t know if you can see this too… in the psycho’s clips… but on my computer when I get directly in front of his front door, I can see a woman with very long blond hair looking out… This whole thing FREAKS me out…and THEN to see him follow the car …eeeeeeeee YIKES! MONSTER!

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