Driving on the wrong side of the road in Edmonton, Canada.

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3 Responses to Where did you get your license?

  1. Kangooman says:

    Looks like the whole of Canada is doing the same thing.

  2. Mike says:

    You get an F or Failure, streetviewfun. This person is driving on the same side of the road as every other driver in North America, dumbass.

  3. Street View says:

    Uhm, no. 😀

    Notice the white arrow on the road under the car? If you move to the left or right you’ll see that this car is driving where he shouldn’t. He should be on the other side of that yellow line. The driver will notice it too in a few seconds when the yellow line stop. Infact you can see the driver noticing it if you move to the left. The car start to go over the yellow line.

    Another example from the same place with a driver who’s about to turn left (and is exactly where he should be):

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