Google Maps StreetView car hit a donkey in Botswana?

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The sequence of images here look a bit weird, maybe taken at different times or is google guilty?


Update: Turns out Google is not guilty. Google has responded and given an explanation of what happened.

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9 thoughts on “Google Maps StreetView car hit a donkey in Botswana?”

  1. i think he was just acting like an ass. in the dirt. rolling around. for attention.

  2. After looking at the images a bit more and noticing that they drive on the left side in Botswana, I’m guessing that’s what happened, yes. So, the images should be viewed in the opposite order. Some weird and dangerous donkey trick.

  3. They are showing the frames in reverse…If you go to,24.72265&spn=8.405416,14.27124&t=m&layer=c&cbll=-23.527824,24.72265&panoid=3L-F887yPcBnejtJvT6DoA&cbp=12,335.71,,0,19.65&z=7 you can clearly see the donkey fall over as the goole vehicle approaches, then stands back up and walks off. In Botswana they drive on the left, not the right. A Land Rover passes the Donkey which is standing before the Google car approaches…Drunk donkey? Maybe, Google hit and killed it? Definitely not.

  4. They drive on the correct side of the road in Botswana, the left. The donkey was probably taking a dust bath and got up and left when the Google car turned up (they probably had to hoot at it).

  5. I came back from Botswana recently and I can prove this donkey IS ALIVE! I’ve seen it. His name is Paul and he is doing well.

  6. comeon ppl, that donkey just took a bath in the sands… if you walk on a little bit in street view you’ll see that it moved on a little later (when that jeep came along)

  7. Das ist normal das Esel im Sand baden.Man mus ja nur die spuren links und rechts vom Esel ansehen.Den blödsin von überfahrenen Esel sollen sie sich abscminken.

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