14 Best Google Street View Images of 2014

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Do you remember the best images of 2014? Over the last year we’ve seen some pretty funny, hilarious, scary and interesting Street View images. Let’s recap the best Street View images of 2014.

Something there

  1. Burning the lawn
    Burning the lawn
  2. How to ride a colombian bike
    Colombian bike
  3. Barricades at the end of the world
  4. The Clouds Factory
  5. Tired of at&t
    Tired of AT & T
  6. Car crash in real time on Google Street View
  7. Uhhhmmm… Gimp catching?
  8. Not very tasty
  9. Subway entrance
    Subway entrance
  10. Bank robbery on Google Street View
    bank robbery
  11. Something there?
    Something there
  12. Trying to interview Google driver in the middle of traffic
    Slovenia Google Street View
  13. One giant leap for squirrel
    Squirrel jumping
  14. Streaking Google Street View

The best Street View images from 2013

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