Kara Godfrey (Daily Express) is stealing our content

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It has come to our attention that “digital travel reporter” Kara Godfrey has been stealing our content repeatedly over the last couple of months (maybe longer?). She’s been publishing it at the UK tabloid Daily Express where she currently works. She’s also been posting parts of our YouTube videos without permission. No, she did not embed the full video, which would have been ok since we would have received the potential views & subscribers & ad revenue & proper credit. They cut out some parts of the video (our logo) and then they put their own ads on it. WTF?

Since neither she or Daily Express respond to our messages, I’m posting here in hopes she will notice it next time she drops by to shoplift. Hi Kara “Willow” Godfrey, what are you looking to steal today? The name of her boss at Daily Express is from what I’ve been told Rebecca Hutson. She is also not responding to our emails or twitter messages. According to Godfreys twitter posts she is currently skiing and worried that her skis will get stolen. The irony.

Here’s our video:

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3 thoughts on “Kara Godfrey (Daily Express) is stealing our content”

  1. So that this does not happen, you need to make a note on the protection of rights on the website and it is desirable to indicate the numbers of laws and possible consequences for theft of content (for example, prosecution and fine).

  2. Daily Express is part of an old major news organisation in the UK. Obviously, they know what they have done is not legal. We have a copyright note on all pages and that is enough in legal terms. YouTube also provide a default copyright for all videos.

    It’s not just one or two articles, it’s one or two articles PER DAY for more than a month she is posting without mentioning streetviewfun. For some reason in one of the more recent videos there is a brief tiny text saying that it was taken from streetviewfun, but no link to our video or site.

  3. She has stolen our content 62 times (for 62 articles posted on Daily Express) and counting since October. Last time yesterday. Within a day of us posting the content in many cases.

    By the way, thanks for your suggestion Sasha. We’ll see what to do about the situation.

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