20 Game of Thrones locations on Google Maps Street View

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Where was Game of Thrones filmed? We explore 20 real-life locations of the popular HBO series on Google Maps Street View. No spoilers.

Links to all the locations in this video:

Tower of Joy (S06E03)
Zafra Castle, Spain

Meereen fighting pits (S05E09)
Osuna Bullring, Spain

Kingsroad (S01E02)
The Dark Hedges, Stranocum, Northern Ireland

Winterfell (S01E01)
Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

Iron Bank of Braavos (S01E01)
St Jacob Cathedral, Sibenik, Croatia

Prince Doran’s Palace (S05E02)
Real Alcázar, Seville, Spain

House of the Undying (S02E10)
Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Frontfang Mountains (S01E10)
Vik, Iceland

Westeros Riverlands (S04E03)
Krka National Park, Croatia

Dothraki Sea (S06E03)
Bardenas Reales, Spain

Daenerys meets the Maesters in Meereen (S06E09)
Cabo de Gata, Spain

Lordsport (S02E02)
Ballintoy Harbor, Northern Ireland

The Long Bridge (S02E06)
Roman bridge of Córdoba, Spain

Daenerys & Khal wedding (S01E01)
Azure Window, Malta

Beyond the Wall (S07E06)
Vatnajökull, Iceland

Iron Islands (S06E04)
The Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

Myrcella leaving (S02E02)
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Royal Palace of Dorne (S05E02)
Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain

The Burning of the Seven (S02E01)
Mussenden, Northern Ireland

So, we discovered that there are 19 locations here and in the video (not 20). We’ll consider doing an updated longer video with more locations some time in the future.

Many filming locations for Game of Thrones are in Morocco and they don’t have Google Maps Street View yet.

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