60 years of the old TV Coroados, RPC Londrina

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September 21, 1963 was born the first TV station in the pioneer north of Paraná, TV Coroados. Nothing better than to leave a happy birthday to the so famous broadcaster that followed the history of Londrina and Paraná.

In this celebration of the pioneer’s 60th birthday, I gathered some Google Maps images from the RPC Londrina team. Check out some of them:

1. RPC team photographed during report (already posted on Streetviewfun): Link

2. RPC team preparing to leave (or going live) with their old mobile unit vehicle in front of Londrina City Hall (2014): Link

3. Graffiti painting of a local children’s program presented between the years 1960 and 1970, honoring TV Coroados: Link

4. RPC staff in front of their headquarters covering COVID-19 coverage, days after the WHO’s official announcement about the pandemic: Link

The detail is that the recording of images was made on Saturday, March 14, 2023, as shown in this panel (currently deactivated) photographed by Google on the same day, far from the TV station of RPC: Link

Its headquarters has been located on Avenida Tiradentes since its creation.

Video celebrating 60 years:

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  1. I ended up forgetting to post a video of a report on the 60th anniversary of RPC Londrina in the post! I emailed the admin to add to the post.

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