Microsoft Streetside start to take photos in Germany today

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Monday is the first day of Microsoft taking photos in Germany. This could be a major competition for Google Maps Street View. Bing Streetside are now taking photos in 50 cities in Germany. It is expected to be ready within the next 18 months. More about this is explained by Olivier Blanchard, head of Microsoft’s online business operations in Germany:

Google has stopped taking photos for Street View in Germany

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Google has announced that they will not add any more cities than the 20 currently available on Street View in Germany. This comes as a surprise to many as Google recently won a legal battle in Germany for it’s Street View service. Competitor Microsoft Bing Maps is now starting to take photos for it’s Streetside in Germany. And is already getting complaints from germans.

I’m guessing Google will let Microsoft take some of the privacy complaints for a while in Germany. And then be back in a few years time?