Another StreetView type site opens up

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Inside Crobar in Miami. Link

EveryScape is opening up today with similar 360 degree images of cities like Google Maps. This service also offer interior views inside bars, shops and restaurants for instance.

EveryScape launched its beta site with outdoor views of Boston and New York City and interior and exterior views of Miami and Aspen. The company plans to expand its interior views and to introduce new cities, including Laguna Beach, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, in coming months. (RedHerring).

Other similar services are offered by Earthmine, Mapjack and Microsoft Live Virtual Earth. Google Streetview is getting some serious competition but is still the clear market leader.

Earthmine – new technology similar to StreetView

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The company Earthmine have developed a fascinating product similar to Streetview. It will however be used for other purposes and most likely will not be available for free to the public.

Architects, insurance companies and real estate companies for instance will like the built in feature to measure the volume of buildings. Earthmines product is not yet available but it was recently shown at the Demofall Conference in San Diego. The image data is gathered in a similar way as Mapjack and Google Streetview using GPS locators and lots of cameras mounted on top of a car.

You can see a demo of the product here: