TV TAROB√Ā on Google Maps & celebrating 45 years

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A brief history of TV Tarob√°

TV Tarob√° was born brave, like a warrior and ready to act on the front line! Audacious, full of courage. On February 1, 1979, TV Tarob√°, the largest broadcaster in the interior of Paran√°, began airing, beginning a new chapter in the history of one of the most thriving regions in Brazil and Latin America.

Source – Tarob√° News

TV TAROB√Ā on Google Maps

Check out some moments when TV Tarob√° ended up on Google Maps (some of which have already been posted here on StreetViewFun) and a report about a robbery that took place in March 2023 by Google and shown by Tarob√°!

1 – TV TAROB√Ā team going to the university to report and Google records the moment.

2 – Report from TV Tarob√° shows an unusual event that occurred in March 2023 and had repercussions in Jun. 2023 – a robbery was recorded on Google Maps in the city of Londrina PR.

3 – TV Tarob√° vehicle and an employee saying ‘hello’ to the Google Maps vehicle that was passing by at that moment, in front of the largest supermarket chain in Paran√°, Super Muffato.

4 – Arrest in the act at the brazilian federal police station. TV TAROB√Ā and Google Maps were at the time of the incident in 2011!



Note: his image was already posted here in 2021.

5 – In front of a school in Cascavel, TV Tarob√° was reporting. Link to post at Streetviewfun.