TV TAROBÁ on Google Maps & celebrating 45 years

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A brief history of TV Tarobá

TV Tarobá was born brave, like a warrior and ready to act on the front line! Audacious, full of courage. On February 1, 1979, TV Tarobá, the largest broadcaster in the interior of Paraná, began airing, beginning a new chapter in the history of one of the most thriving regions in Brazil and Latin America.

Source – Tarobá News

TV TAROBÁ on Google Maps

Check out some moments when TV Tarobá ended up on Google Maps (some of which have already been posted here on StreetViewFun) and a report about a robbery that took place in March 2023 by Google and shown by Tarobá!

1 – TV TAROBÁ team going to the university to report and Google records the moment.

2 – Report from TV Tarobá shows an unusual event that occurred in March 2023 and had repercussions in Jun. 2023 – a robbery was recorded on Google Maps in the city of Londrina PR.

3 – TV Tarobá vehicle and an employee saying ‘hello’ to the Google Maps vehicle that was passing by at that moment, in front of the largest supermarket chain in Paraná, Super Muffato.

4 – Arrest in the act at the brazilian federal police station. TV TAROBÁ and Google Maps were at the time of the incident in 2011!



Note: his image was already posted here in 2021.

5 – In front of a school in Cascavel, TV Tarobá was reporting. Link to post at Streetviewfun.

More about TV Tarobá

Viewers have a relationship of trust and intimacy with the TV Tarobá. Entertainment programs entertain, excite and inform. Television connected people before it became a buzzword.

Originating from the small city of Cascavel, in which it was still expanding, Tarobá television recorded important moments in the history of the western region of Paraná. Years later, in 1996, its sister station, TV Tarobá Londrina, was born in the city of Londrina. And once again, the broadcaster expanded more of its local programming to the northern region of Paraná.

But Tarobá never stopped reinventing itself, and in 2010, Grupo Tarobá de Comunicação opened its first radio station in the group, Tarobá FM operating on 95.7 MHz in the city of Cascavel with its programming focused on music, prizes and lots of joy. And ten years later, Londrina also received radio from the Tarobá group, operating on 101.7 MHz.

Direct from here at Streetviewfun, we wish all the Tarobá Group many more years of life and that it continues to evolve every day, with a commitment to providing information and providing services to everyone!!

Video of the article about the forty-five years of TV Tarobá shown in Jornal Tarobá 1st edition – presented by Fernanda Toigo and Ivan Luiz

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