16 weirdest people on Google Maps Street View

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Those of you following StreetViewFun.com over the years know there are a lot of images of weird people on Google Street View. Here’s our funny collection of the very weirdest Street View folks.

16. What the…

15. Dude there’s a cat on your head

14. Bachelor party
Funny bachelor party

13. Why finnish military finnish first

12. Weirdest guy on Street View?

11. Weirdest beard ever
Weird beard

10. Upside down

9. Summer holiday in Holland

8. Scary

7. The Last Samurais
Samurai weirdest

6. What to do when google comes to town
Weird welcome

5. Crazy girl flees

4. Help the car is eating me!
Guy eaten by car weird

3. Lars and the real girl
Weird Lars

2. Horseboy with schoolgirl
Horseboy weird Street View

1. Snorkelers chasing google away
Snorekelers weird Google StreetView