More Street View cities added today!

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Chicago Sears Tower Link

Today Google Maps will add six new areas covered by Street View. The total number of cities will then be 15. The new cities added today will be Phoenix, Tucson, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore.

The images in Phoenix, Tucson and parts of Chicago are all in high resolution like in San Francisco and San Diego.

Google have also introduced the ability to pan up in most new cities so you can watch the skyscrapers.

Google Maps Street View is also available in Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando. (Source: Google LatLong)

They have also created a new song and video on YouTube announcing the 6 new cities:

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4 thoughts on “More Street View cities added today!”

  1. is it me or does the high res not look so “high res” like san fran or san diego

  2. In some parts of central Chicago images are very high quality. In Phoenix and Tucson it’s almost as good as in San Francisco.

  3. i dont know…maybe its just the lighting then…in some places its really dark and in others its really bright…maybe i just need a beer….who knows

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